Inspired by the Chicken

December 1, 2007

My version of the Angry Chicken‘s Artsy Clutch and Clever Coasters from her book, Bend-the-Rules Sewing.

These are polka-dotted green and navy blue coasters stamped with kitty paws and then colored in (using a black Pigma Micron pen). The front fabric is Moda’s American Jane and the back is a yellow Quilter’s Cotton.


I embroidered the back after I copied and penciled the design from this book: ISBN 4834724980



For the Artsy Clutch, I got the fabric and button from JoAnn’s Fabric and Crafts:



What I love best about my life right now

November 30, 2007

The past year has been…a growing one. I did not imagine that I would take up this blog again. But amazingly, I find myself here once more. It is not so much that writing in my blog is healing–as much as that I am healing.

I love my bed… img_0116.jpg


and my bad-ass computer. img_0113.jpg img_0112.jpg

I love my craft stuff… img_0380.jpg

and my craft books.img_0379.jpg

I love my buddy img_0395.jpg

and her family. img_0405.jpgimg_0407.jpg


I love Cloud and the beautiful and wild places we’ve been.



“I am not a logician. I am an existentialist. I believe in this meaningless, beautiful chaos of existence, and I am ready to go with it wherever it leads.” – Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

November 2, 2006

This took me several painstaking hours to do. I applied bottom and top clear coats. And another top coat during the week. They stayed on for more than 10 days! I love nail art and Nail Art by Klutz!

October 31, 2006

Now this is October’s order from YesAsia. Pochee is a great sewing magazine. It’s the first volume. It even has a smock pattern! The Tiny Patchworks book has so many projects in it although the instructions are not so clear. The Present Box book has great origami containers for giving gifts like cookies, cd’s, or tiny trinkets. The instructions seem easy to understand.

October 31, 2006

My Sanseido books for October! The box book has several good projects with clear instructions. My favorite is the fabric containers. The Cotton Time book has 50 small patchwork projects with patterns attached. The instructions aren’t so clear though. More on my Flickr.

October 31, 2006


I feel so lucky to have a Sanseido Bookstore right by my home. When YesAsia doesn’t carry the books I want, I order them from Sanseido.

So this is Kids’ Bags and Variety Goods and this awesome mini embroidery book. They’re awesome. There are more pictures on my Flickr including the ISBN.

October 31, 2006

My new KitchenAid handmixer! Bought it on sale from Amazon for $50. Works like a dream and it’s pink!

This must be baking Sunday.

September 17, 2006

Cookie and Bread Still Art

I baked chocolate chip cookies and banana bread today. It was my 4th time to bake these cookies–they’re very yummy. I couldn’t wait to use my new KitchenAid handmixer so today I baked my first banana bread. It smells heavenly. I’m so pleased with myself. Can’t wait to EAT a big ol’ slice with lots of butter. 😀

Red Bunny Pouch – Layout

September 8, 2006

Red Bunny Pouch – Layout

Originally uploaded by Mango Mochi on May 30, 2006.

This is a bunny applique and zippered pouch pattern from Aranzi Aronzo’s Book – ISBN 4579110765. I used french knots for the eyes and nose and the blanket stitch to sew on the felt applique. I wanted the pouch to be soft and cushiony so I used padding. I also used the instructions in “Hand Appliqued Zippered Bag” from the book, Quilting 101 – ISBN 1589231104, to help me make my first pouch.

Check out my Flickr galleries for more photos!

Howdy doo!

September 8, 2006

Hi! Welcome to my blog! I started this today, September 8, 2006. Already I feel a tingle of excitement in my toes. This site definitely has potential. It’s user-friendly compared to dear Blogger. Goodbye, Blogger! I will put up more pictures soon, especially of Japanese craft books and of my magical makings. Stay tuned, folks!